Q: Mr. Pedometer, this may be very obvious to you, but I am wondering if there are any tips you can share about the “correct” way to walk.

A: Walking is safe, convenient, and fun. However, poor posture or exaggerated movements could lead to injury. The Mayo Clinic offers these tips on the “correct” way to do your walking:   

KEEP YOUR HEAD UP. Look forward about 10 feet, not down at the ground. Keep your chin parallel to the path. Your neck, shoulders, and back should be relaxed, not stiffly upright in a military pose.

SWING YOUR ARMS. Both should move freely, with a slight bend to your elbows. A little bit of pumping with your arms is OK. Your shoulders should be moving, too.

STAND UP STRAIGHT. Gently tighten your stomach muscles. Your back should be straight, not arched forward or backward.

Watch the video below for a good example of how to walk correctly.  I hope these tips will make walking a pleasurable habit for you!