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Q: Mr. Pedometer, my family tree has been severely “pruned” by heart disease.  What are some ideas to help me avoid that kind of health problem?

 A:  A recent Sunday newspaper insert cited tips from the Cleveland Clinic heart health studies.  Here are some of their suggestions:

  •        Go meatless for one meal a week.  (And, of course, practice portion control at ALL meals.)
  •        Take the stairs whenever possible (even if it’s just for one floor).
  •        Fight for the farthest parking spot, not the closest.
  •        Stand up often (at least once per hour).  “Being sedentary is so dangerous for your heart that studies show even regular exercisers who sit for prolonged periods have a heightened risk of dying for many causes.”  Set a time to remind you to get up once an hour to stretch or move around.  You might also try switching to a standing desk.

Of course, Mr. Pedometer cannot resist adding that you can use a pedometer to help you track not just steps, but perhaps more importantly, to keep track of how much activity time you include in each day.  Aim for 30-60 minutes of movements per day.  (Most people are surprised to see that they average only 35minutes of activity during their waking hours!)

Let us repeat:  EAT RIGHT, MOVE MORE, BE WELL.