AX2710 Ultra Thin Accelerometer Pedometer   

It’s Certified Accurate for Research.

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Our New low-power accelerometer with PedometerEngine™ TW20
• Accurate Step Count at every angle of Tilt!
• Over 1-year battery power-an unheard of feature in
pedometers with accelerometer sensors
• 2 New Functions help keep power consumption low
– Hibernate Mode: From factory to user
– Sleep Mode: After 5 minutes of no activity                                                              
5-second Display Accuracy Filter prevents recording
false steps
• Ultra Thin case
• NEW Classroom Rainbow 6 pack. Contains (1) each

of Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Blue, Green.                       
(Black sold separately as a single item)
• Magnum display digits for easy viewing
• ACCUSPLIT’s 5-Year Dual, No Proof and Proof of Purchase                              
Limited Warranty

Product Package Contents:
AX2710  Pedometer
3 Way Pedometer Leash System
Battery (Inserted)